Saturday, 17 May 2008


Eating our lunch of hot chips and hot dogs

The bar at lunch time

The Brocante stalls laid out on the grass

The annual village Brocante (well, more like a jumble sale really) was held on Sunday 11th May. The stall-holders were setting up early, but I made a more relaxed entry, just before lunch time. Roger had gone a bit ahead of me and he tried to buy a stroller. The stroller we have been lent is quite worn out and occasionally tries to fold itself up while there is a child sitting in it, so we are searching for another one. When he found one he tried to barter with his limited French, only to find that it belonged to another lady and was not for sale!
The kids all had a go at knocking down cans with balls, and won a prize which had been donated (Hugh was happy with his second-hand Duplo blocks) as well as a little candle jar made out of old jars painted by the local kids. One of the jars didn't make it home after a run-in with the pavement, but we were able to replace it to avoid a possible tantrum.

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