Saturday, 3 May 2008

Vendredi Soir

Now that the weather has fined up Friday evenings are taken up with socialising. Families meet behind the mairie where there are tennis courts, a soccer field, children's playground and a pitch for petanque (boules) for "le sport en famille". Last night was the first time we had been, as we were away last week. The men and boys seemed to be playing quite an energetic game of football (soccer) judging from the amount of sweat on t-shirts. Roger said he might have a game next time, so that will be interesting...
Each family takes their dinner - a pique-nique - and it is a very social time. We met some new people, and the second half of some couples.
Next time I will have to take my camera!!


Penny said...

HI there

I just came across your blog from La Vie Echangée. What an interesting change you've made. We are an aussie family of four living in Annecy. And I'm originally from WA myself. When I get a few minutes (ha ha!) I'll take a read through the rest of your blog.

Penny :)

The Telfers In France said...

Hi Penny, nice to "meet" you.
I'm always interested to read the blogs of other Aussies, although I haven't found many.
We have been told that we really must visit Annecy while we are in France. It seems to be a favourite spot for many people. Maybe we will catch up with you when we make to trip?