Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Jungle

After my last post you will know that Roger has been busy studying, and he has not had any time to spend working outside in the yard. I have been too scared to take any photos around the house lately because I knew if I put them on the blog the Marcouxs would see and would likely be horrified by what is happening to their home. Of course if we were home at the farm there would have been a mob of sheep let into the yard by now - our four-legged lawn mowers. But in the absence of any livestock, and with lots of rain and plenty of sunshine the grass had begun to resemble a jungle.

But a man with a machine can tame any jungle, as Roger has proved.
Odette was happy that she could reach the tree swing again.

Jungle girl...

And if you are wondering why there have been no photos of inside the house?? Well I have had tendonitis in my shoulder, and had an injection last week, with strict instructions from the doctor that I should do no housework...
I am more than happy to obey!!!

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