Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Assignment

Roger has been studying since we have been in France. It is basically his sabbatical year, so he took the opportunity to enrol in a course before we left Australia, which he could complete externally. He chose to start a course in Financial Services, which is an area he has always been interested in, and he has fantasised in the past about doing that sort of work if he wasn't farming. He enrolled in one unit, and he was behind in his study before we even got here. Then it took a while to get into a routine, which was soon interrupted by school holidays, and before he knew it the assignment deadline was looming.
Which is why I haven't been blogging much until today. I've been taking the kids to give Dad quiet time to study, and then any spare time we could get together last week was spent typing up the assignment. That was my job, as I can use most of my fingers and have a fair idea where the keys are on the keyboard. On Saturday the words were all down, with just a final check and some formatting left to do. So I emailed the assignment from my laptop to Roger's email address so he would have a back-up.
Sunday evening I found Roger at "his" (the Marcoux's) computer making some changes. Which meant I had to make some changes to get it back into line again. After persevering with the French keyboard it all looked fine, headers and footers in place, pages numbered, and printed out. I had been pressing "Ctrl + S" all the way through, which is a shortcut for the "Save" command, but when I tried to find the file on the hard drive to email it back again I couldn't find it. Not anywhere. Not in the "my Documents" folder, not in the "recent items" list, not through the MS Word "Open" command. Not even through a thorough search of all files changed within the last 2 days. Nowhere.
Where is it??? I hate to be beaten by a computer, and it doesn't happen very often - people usually come to ME for computer help. So if anyone thinks they know where Roger's assignment has gone please let me know. At least we had printed out a final copy, which we could duplicate before sending off to be marked. It is now on its way to Sydney to be marked, and if all goes well he will pass and we will never need to think about the assignment again.
Now for the exam...

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