Monday, 19 May 2008

Randonnée Gastronomique

The countryside along the route of the Randonnée Gastronomique

On the way up

A very cleverly executed self-portrait while being strangled by Hugh...

Nearly at the chateau for entrée

The randonnée gastronomique seemed to be a cross between a rogaine and a progressive dinner.
The event was organised by the APERP, which is basically the P&C committee of the schools. It involved walking through tracks, forests, fields and villages; and on the way enjoying a drawn out several course meal. We managed to make our lunch last for 5 hours!! It was a really enjoyable day for the family, and the weather couldn't have been kinder to us.

Some of the organisers got into period costume to serve the food.

Here are some of the sights of the countryside that we saw, and smelled, on our walk.

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Dana said...

I love the self portrait Caro...i had a good laugh - know how its feels getting strangled....snigger