Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Sharp Dressed Man

The girls, little fashion victims that they are, are quite harsh on their father when he ventures out in unfashionable clothes. But what choice does he have, given his wardrobe? It is either that or go naked; which in this weather would be even harsher than the wrath of his young daughters.
The girls are, after all, little models. Oh, and superstars and chic mothers. In these photos they were taking their babies out for a walk.



Odette and Hugh

So it is no wonder Sophie, Bonnie and Odette did not want to be seen with this scruffy looking bloke who went to get their Christmas tree on a recent Saturday morning.

The Christmas tree carrier

In a pair of tracky dacks, a loose tee-shirt and a "United Farmers" green beanie he looked as far from French classic as you can get. But when chastised by the girls the only thing Roger could say was "It's a pity it's too cold to wear thongs!" Yes thongs would certainly have completed the look my dear. And yes, I have decided that some new clothes would make a wonderful Christmas present for my husband. (Don't tell him or you'll ruin the surprise...)

[And now I am wondering what the automatic translation is going to make of "thongs" for those readers who are translating this into French... I am quite sure he didn't mean a g-string, but some flip-flops for his feet!]


Penny said...

Well, to paraphrase the old saying, "you can take the man out of Australia..."

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos Caro.Hey Roger just looks like he belongs back here in Darkan, it's not his fault.

Rike said...

LOL - Roger just looks like my dad! The photos are great like always.