Tuesday, 23 December 2008


The typical view of Pont-en-Royans
shows the old houses perched on rock over the river.

On the weekend we went for a drive and visited the village of Pont-en-Royan, in the Vercors. It has heritage listed buildings which are built into the rock right up the side of the river.

I imagine that in summer these pots would be full of colourful flowers,
and the trees in the background green.

The village is obviously very pretty in the summer time, and there was a playground, well-equipped by French standards, on the banks of the river. However the kids had heaps of fun playing in the deserted car-park where we parked. There were car bays marked with white lines, which made good tracks for running races and another game which Odette and Bonnie invented. There was the tiniest bit of snow left on the ground which gave something for Hugh to kick.
We had a picnic and enjoyed the fine day,then strolled around the village. But we didn't have time to visit the museum of water, which looked like a modern building and the signs showed the promise of an interesting display.
We enjoyed the change of scenery and the sunshine, but didn't stay too long as we knew that it would be dark by 5:30pm. By 5pm on the way home we realised something wasn't right as darkness seemed a long way off. And it was - we had used the clock on TomTom, which was still showing Summer daylight saving time!

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