Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I took Sophie and Bonnie to La Buissiere for a kids' Loto (Bingo) afternoon on Sunday. The aim was to win the roller blades, the portable DVD player and the Nintendo DS Lite. They had great prizes. We didn't win any of them, but we had great fun. Bonnie got a consolation prize after finishing a row at the same time as another boy, and he drew the short straw (although I always thought the long one was the best). She won a face painting set, so we might have some funny faces showing up around here soon. (As is there aren't enough already...)

Sophie crossed her fingers, hoping for a big prize.

I don't think I could stand to play Bingo on a regular basis. The suspense is too much for me! Nearly every game there was someone on our table who was very close, only needing one more number to win. I would breathe in and hold my breath waiting for the caller to call the number, and then get disappointed when it wasn't the right one.
And speaking of numbers, it was very good practice for us to learn the French numbers. Bonnie and I would check each other's cards to make sure we were getting them right.

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