Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Confessions of a Scrabble Addict

I have got into the habit of spending too much time playing, instead of working, on the computer. At night after the kids are in bed I will sit down to write on my blog, but will open up the Internet Scrabble Club scrabble program too. Just for one game. But I like the quick games, so maybe just another one, and then I'll shut it down... Maybe.
Facebook is addictive too. I had requests from people to join Facebook at the beginning of the year, so I did. And now I feel the need to check up every day to see what everyone on my list is doing. It is great! My mother called the other day with some exciting news. My cousin Jane is engaged? Yes I know already - I read it on her Facebook!! I get to see all the latest pictures of Michael and Anna's kids (whom I have never seen in real life) as well as their videos posted on You Tube. And I know that Charmiane is pregnant with her fifth (and last) child, and that it is a boy. When he is born I'll get to see the baby pictures on her Facebook. I know which horse Dave backed in the Melbourne cup, what time Dana got home from the 40th birthday party, that Ronice drank too much "cat piss wine", that the weather has been grey on the cote d'azur, and that Philippa is moving to Perth at the end of the year. Alison's interview went well, Jacquie has a new pool (and wants a pool boy), Kathy wants to go on a cruise, Guillaume was salesman of the month, Benoit has been to the USA and Ulla is starting at a new school. None of which I would have known if it were not for Facebook.
So now it must be time for another game of Scrabble I think. I might be able to improve my ranking...

And now you know why I don't do as much as I should on the blog!

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