Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Autumn and Winter

Autumn colours in the landscape.

A multi-coloured mountainside.



I have never experienced a northern hemisphere autumn before. I have never been where the trees change colour and then all the leaves fall off. Our eucalyptus at home don't do that.
Over a period of weeks the landscape changed colour from the lush green of summer through oranges, reds, yellows and browns. Now, mostly it is grey. And earlier in the week it was white, with the first snows for the season.

When we took Hugh and Odette to school it was easy to see which cars had slept outside the night before: they were covered in snow. Our cars here stay outside, despite the house having two garages. The garages are full of other things, as tends to happen with garages...
Which reminds me that Roger always harped on at me if I ever left the car outside on the farm in Australia. His argument was that the sun would fade the upholstery, or fade the paint (the car is white!), or maybe a hail storm could come and damage the car. The fact is that I DID leave the car outside for a few days once when the kids commandeered the garage for a beauty parlour. And do you know what happened? The parrots started to eat it! Those nasty birds (28-parrots) actually bit chunks of rubber off around the windows and where rails go on the roof!

The view from our balcony on Monday morning.

Cars at the school at La Flachere.

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