Saturday, 23 February 2008

New Departure Date

We were able to change our flight to France once again, and the extra cost will be covered by our travel insurance. Just need to get a doctor's certificate...
Instead of meeting the Marcoux family in France we will now meet them here. They are due to arrive on 8 March, and we have booked our departure for 11 March. It adds more to our list of logistics, including our transport to the airport. At the moment we think we will borrow my Dad's 4WD wagon, to transport us, but our luggage will require a trailer or another car. We'll work on it some more...

At this stage I am wondering if we will ever get there??? Today Stef Marcoux sent us some pictures of their home and surrounds in France (the picture is a view from the balcony), so we are becoming more familiar with where we will be living for the year. Just makes it more frustrating that we are stuck here!

Meanwhile I am getting a taste of French life through "La Vie Échangée", the blog of an American family who are doing an exchange very similar to out own.

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