Monday, 11 February 2008

The "Au Revoir" Party

Our party on Saturday was huge, with guests arriving from 4.30pm. The local Lions Club set up their merry-go-round carousel and also the miniature train, which was extremely popular with the children.
The merry-go-round in full swing

Hugh's favourite was the "horsey one", which is what he called the merry-go-round. The children's rides continued until dark, when Sophie set up a face-painting table in the cubby house. The boys got right into the face paint with all sorts of ghastly looking things painted on them. The girls mainly stuck to hearts, butterflies and flowers. The solar lights which had been dotted around the garden were spread far and wide by children using them as lanterns to explore after dark.

A few families stayed the night, to avoid the drive home. Apart from the usual driving hazards of gravel roads combined with kangaroos, there were a lot of police in town monitoring the big "beach party" at the hotel. In fact one well respected elderly gentleman was stopped for a random breath test on his way home. I wonder if the police asked him when he had his last drink? His son didn't think he'd had one since 1948!!
In the morning we cranked up the bbq again and cooked up some bacon and eggs. We had breakfast until about lunch time!!

Sophie said today that the party was over so quickly, after all the preparation and build-up for it. That's was happens with events like that. But the getting ready for it is half the fun.

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