Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sunday on Wednesday

Gaby and Georges on their balcony with a foggy view of Grenoble in the background

Today it felt like Sunday because we went to Georges and Gaby's (Stef's parents) place for lunch. It was the first time we had visited them at their house, and Georges was a bit concerned that we wouldn't find their place (if you read our post "No School on Wednesdays" you will know why), so he was standing out on the street to welcome us. He had no need to worry, because we had Tom-Tom to guide us!
We had a nice lunch, although the girls weren't too keen on eating the radishes. (They had been served them one day at school cantine and they didn't know what they were - it took me a while to work out that the little red and white balls they described to me were in fact radishes.) When Hugh grew restless of sitting at the table Gaby did the good grandmother thing and got out some Lego blocks for him to play with. All the kids ended up constructing a house out of the blocks before we left.
After lunch we had a walk to the village church and Mairie at Venon. The picture shows Gaby pointing out landmarks in Grenoble to Roger from the forecourt at the church.
Then we had a look in their garden where Gaby had found a special mushroom (called a "morille" in French, but known as "morel" in English). It is prized for cooking but apparently can be confused with poisonous mushrooms so I probably wouldn't be game to eat it.
In the garden Hugh found something much more exciting - a ladder! Roger had to hold onto his feet to stop him climbing higher...

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