Tuesday, 27 January 2009

On The Beach

Sunday on the beach...

The Telfer house at Busselton.

We have still not been home to our farm. Instead we spent several days at my parents' place in York, recovering from jet-lag, before heading down to Busselton. Roger's parents used to live in a house on the beach front, and now Roger and his sisters use it for a holiday house. The first morning we were here I went for a walk on the beach in the morning, testing out my new 28-300mm lens. It is a monster, and I am not used to the push/pull zooming, but it does a good job.

Our house is on the far left in this photo.

The shoreline, where Odette enjoys searching for interesting shells.

Some local wildlife...

Looking along the shoreline towards Busselton, and its famous jetty.

Because it was a long weekend there where plenty of people around, and some friends from Darkan came to Busselton. Stuart and Kerrie Putland brought a boat and a "biskit" to tow behind the boat for some water fun. Stuart's brother lives in Busselton so he brought his family down to the beach on Sunday, and they set up a much needed shade shelter. Ian and Marita Putland and their children came from Perth and spent Sunday on the beach too. The Marcoux family came and spent Sunday afternoon on the beach and stayed for a barbecue on the front lawn (I use the word "lawn" loosely because the garden has not been maintained and there is probably as much sand as grass now.)

Stef and Marie on the water.

Matthew, taking it easy...

Odette, Sophie and Bonnie, with best friend Kirsty.

I wasn't allowed to take my new camera on the boat (didn't want to test out its splash-resistance so soon...) so I didn't get any photos of Stef on the biskit (i tried on the mobile phone, but can't download them.) He handled the rough conditions really well, and stayed on for a lot longer than I thought he would, depsite Stuart doing his best to dislodge him. Eventually Stef came off in spectacular fashion, and now Stef is suffering with a sore back and shoulder and wondering why he was so silly. I thought that it looked like lots of fun, and even though I didn't have my swimming costume (forgot to pack...) I had a go in my clothes. Stuart was a lot kinder to me so I didn't suffer so much damage, but still my shoulder is a bit sore, just from hanging on.


Leesa said...

Oh là là!!! I SOOOO needed to see pictures of the ocean and a warm sunny day... You guys missed the big tempête in the south last weekend... But, I don't know if that was your region... It hit very hard... as I'm sure you've seen on the tv...
Anyhow... enough about storms... I am sooo enjoying your beautiful beach pics and I LOVE the one with the ray... Take care and enjoy the beach and hot weather... Leesa

Rike said...

Seems like you are getting quiet good back to your Australian life... .